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(Price information). Minimum charge is £10. Fixed prices, by prior agreement.


We offer both reserved legal activities and other legal activities.


The notary will witness my signature and affix her seal of office at her sole discretion. If the notary prepares any documents, she will rely on the information I gave her. I am responsible for all errors and omissions in that information.

I confirm that I have read and understood the entire document and that the information is accurate. I also declare that I have understood all the documents that I will sign and that by signing them I intend to give them legal effect. I acknowledge that the notary is acting as a witness only; the notary is not a party to any transaction; the notary accepts no legal responsibility or otherwise whatsoever for any delays/loss/omissions/costs/claims/damages arising out of her notarisation of any of the documents. I verified that all the documents and the facts contained in them are true and authentic and are not made as part of or as a plan for any illegal act against the law of any country in the world. I agree to indemnify the notary for any losses costs or claims made against the notary. I understand that the notary must take and keep copies of the relevant pages of my passport and other identification and I give my permission to do so. The notary Public is registered under the Data Protection Act. This information is not disclosed to any other parties. Contact details may be used from time to time.

I the client declare that the document signed today by me has been duly notarised and/or legalized, but it is my own responsibility to check with the relevant authority if acceptable for the required purpose.

I furthermore declare that I have checked with the relevant authority the conditions that I need to fulfil in order for the document to be acceptable.

If applicable (for ROMANIA), I declare that I have checked with the notary in the recipient jurisdiction and the notary in Romania accepts the power of attorney executed at the notary in England.

I understand that AUTHENTICA NOTARIES and its notaries/directors/employees/consultants/ are not to be held responsible for an delays occurring as a result of the use of couriers or delays caused by other third parties who are not under the control of Authentica Notaries (for example the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office – Legalisation Section/ Royal Mail/ DHL/FeDex/other international couriers).


Notaries are bound by practice, accounting and other Rules broadly similar to those affecting solicitors. The profession is regulated by the faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Any complaint against the notary should be made to the notary in the first instance. If the matter cannot be immediately resolved the notary will refer the complaint to the Notaries Society. The Notaries Society will deal with the complaint under their Approved Complaints Procedure. Complaints can also be made to the Legal Ombudsman after a period of eight weeks from the date the complaint was first made.


Our Notarial Practice is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.