Cristina graduated the Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest, Romania. After qualifying as a public notary in Romania ( civil law notary public), Cristina started her career in a private Notarial Office in Bucharest, where she acquired extensive experience dealing with a broad variety of civil matters related to Family, Inheritance and Property Law. She became a senior civil law notary in 2009 and held that position for 6 years.

Before starting AUTHENTICA NOTARIES, Cristina trained to become a notary public in England and Wales whilst working as a consultant for a large firm of notaries in Central London, where she gained experience in all types of matters. Her aim is to use her civil law notary (Romanian notary public / “notar roman”) knowledge and vast experience to cater for the Romanian community and other UK based communities from civil law countries.

She has a strong network of Public Notaries and Lawyers in Romania and other civil law countries.

Cristina is actively involved in the Romanian Notary Community and attends notary conferences all over the world. She has gained practical in a number of reputable notarial firms in Italy, France, Hungary and Moldavian Republic. Cristina is a keen traveller and loves broadening her horizons.

Authentica Notaries

Cristina Mihalache Bertolini

Cristina M. Mihalache Bertolini

Notary Public
Qualified in England and Wales, and Romania
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